I’ve never heard of this before – what is MAX20NZ?

Does this event have the approval and blessing of the Catholic Church?

What is the meaning behind the name for this event, MAX20NZ?

Who are the organisers behind this event?

What is Joshua Catholic Men’s Fellowship?

What is menALIVE?

What can I expect at MAX20NZ?

Will there be Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation available there?


“The retreat gave me a wonderful opportunity to connect with other blokes, all good men, to address some needs that perhaps I don’t allow to surface too often. It was just good to share personally and to do so in the context of my Catholic faith.” Josh 

“For me, Menalive was not therapy or theology, pious preaching or evangelical enthusiasm, all of which would probably have turned me off. It was simply the power of brotherhood, ordinary blokes getting together in a spirit of solidarity, comradeship and care. We were sharing our common humanity as men, sharing our common responsibilities, interests and values: respect, honesty, concern and care. Barriers broke down when we came together and we became more alive.” David 

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1. I’ve never heard of this before – what is MAX20NZ?

MAX20NZ is a fully Catholic weekend event for men.  It will provide the opportunity to step aside from the busyness of the world for a brief time so as to try and listen, learn and grow in what God is saying to us.  It’s a chance to deepen our understanding of God’s call and challenge within our lives in the company of other like-minded men of faith.  Men will be travelling to this event from all over New Zealand.  We are even expecting some to travel over from Australia for this.

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2.  Does this event have the approval and blessing of the Catholic Church?

Yes, the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference is 100% supportive of this event.

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3. What is the meaning behind the name for this event, MAX20NZ?

The name has 3 parts to it.  menALIVE over the last 17 years or so have run many parish based events for men across Australia, and in recent years, a small number of similar events here in New Zealand as well.  Over the years, menALIVE Australia have also hosted an annual national Catholic men’s event in Queensland which they call menALIVE to the MAX.  They differ from the parish based weekends as they are live-in weekends, running from Friday night through to Sunday lunchtime, and offer a more comprehensive program than what would be presented at a parish based weekend – so a maxed-out weekend event if you like.  These annual weekends are known as MAX weekends, MAX standing for Men Alive for Christ. MAX is followed by the year of the event, e.g. MAX16, MAX17 and so on.   To distinguish our New Zealand event it has been called MAX20NZ.

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4. Who are the organisers behind this event?

MAX20NZ is a joint venture between Joshua Catholic Men’s Fellowship here in New Zealand and menALIVE who are based in Australia but have two New Zealand representatives, Jim Gribble and Mike Conroy.

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5. What is Joshua Catholic Men’s Fellowship?

Joshua Catholic Men’s Fellowship has been around in New Zealand for more than 30 years since the time a small group of men felt that they were being called by God to form a group for men to come together for worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship.  It operates with the approval and blessing of the NZ Catholic Bishop’s conference and currently has Emeritus Bishop Colin Campbell as its National Chaplain.  Since its inception in Auckland in 1986, Joshua has spread to most regions in NZ in one form or another.   Some branches hold regular monthly meetings that are open for anyone to attend.  Other smaller groups tend to meet less formally as home based prayer groups.  Over the years, Joshua Catholic Men’s Fellowship has organised and run many live-in weekend retreats for Catholic men.  It is with great excitement that they have collaborated with menALIVE Australia to present this weekend. For further information about Joshua you can go to www.joshua.org.nz

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6. What is menALIVE?

menALIVE is a national Catholic ministry to men in Australia.  It was founded in Brisbane in 2003 to reach out and bring Catholic men together, to renew their faith in God and to encourage them to become an active force in the life of the church.  The flagship event that menALIVE fosters is the menALIVE parish based weekends where men of all ages and walks of life find the opportunity to share their faith and review what matters most in their lives, whilst enjoying the company of other Catholic men.  Over the last 17 years, teams of lay men have run more than 450 events for over 25,000 men mostly in Australia as well as several parish based weekends here in New Zealand.  As well as parish based weekends, the ministry has grown to also present programs such as Growing Good Men father and son events, Catholic Man Breakfast Series, Renaissance of  Marriage seminars and several more.  For further information about menALIVE you can go to www.menalive.org.au

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7. What can I expect at MAX20NZ?

The program will commence on the Friday evening and runs through to Sunday around midday when it will conclude with Mass and lunch. Registrations commence at 5.30 pm on the Friday evening. The weekend program will start at 7:30 pm.
There will be no evening meal provided that night so you will need to make your own arrangements for dinner before you arrive.
There is a great lineup of nationally known speakers who will cover key topics around growing and revitalising our faith as men in the church today, plenty of opportunity for discussion in small groups, workshop options, some free time and a whole lot of new friendships to make.  And of course one of the most important components of any great men’s weekend event, food…man food will be served in abundance.

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8. Will there be Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation available there?

Yes, of course.  A Catholic men’s event would not be complete without both.  Mass will be celebrated on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

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